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We offer some of the most diverse range of buses available anywhere. From mid-range 20-seater and higher load 40-seater buses – We have them all! You and your entourage will travel in air-conditioned luxury while enjoying some of the best in-vehicle comfort features that our buses offer.

We pride ourselves on the dependable service we offer to our clients. That’s because our fleet is well kept and well maintained.  Our fleet is not just subjected to regularly scheduled maintenance and road-worthiness tests, but our maintenance staff will even perform additional service and pre-emptive checks as and when needed. All of this is designed to ensure your safety and offer the dependable service that our clients have come to expect from us!

Our 40-Seater Buses are designed to float on air! Well kept and meticulously maintained, thanks to their wide seats and spacious layout, our guests enjoy extra legroom and better headroom.

Our 20-Seater Buses are idea to ferry a medium sized gathering of friends, relatives, staff and colleagues from and to work or school children in comfort and style.

A trip on one of our buses is designed to deliver the utmost in safe and stress-free travel!

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