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Your Safety is our #1 Priority!

aboutus About Us

We are a Singapore-based bus chartering and transport services Company that has the distinction of serving our clients for over 22 years. And throughout that time, we pride ourselves of our unblemished safety record.  Never in our illustrious history have we ever had an accident that was either caused by our staff’s actions, or was the result of negligence on our staffs’ part!

Our unbroken safety record is in large part because we value the “cargo” we carry! We take the safety of our clients, their family members, staff and guests very seriously.  That’s why we continue to invest heavily, not only in the safety and maintenance of our fleet, but also in training of our drivers and maintenance staff.

Our Vision:

To evolve as the “go to” name in Singapore, when it comes to bus chartering or any other transport services requirements

Our Mission:

We intend to maintain and enhance the leadership position we enjoy in the bus chartering business throughout Singapore today, by continuing to offer flexible, dependable and cost effective transportation solutions to our clients

Our Values:

Safety First: For our customers and their property, as well as our staff and our vehicles

Customer Care Always: Listening to our customers; Addressing their needs; Valuing their suggestions

Professionalism at All Times: On or off the road, or in the office, show respect to our customers and colleagues. And by extending courtesy, honesty and respect to our business partners

Innovate continually: Implement industry best practices. Embrace environmentally friendly change. Learn from our past: Avoid the mistakes; repeat the successes!

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